Twitch’s “banned list” aims to prevent key talent from leaving the streaming platform

A leaked list twitch It has been clarified that popular streaming media and celebrities on the platform that are not easily banned by the administrator have reduced the situation in which the company causes celebrities to flow to other streaming media sites.

The original list was shared as part of the Twitch leak that occurred earlier this month, and hinted that there are some well-known names that should not be suspended or banned from the site, even if they violate various other anchors’ The terms and conditions benefit from.

According to reports Washington post, The list is actually more of a modest step aimed at keeping a high profile streaming online after a minor misdemeanor or misunderstanding.

“This is a way to quickly post banners to the duty administrators so they don’t blindly ban other administrators or well-known employees [member] Because of something stupid,” a former Twitch administrator told The Washington Post.

The specific names mentioned by the former employee included RiceGum and Tyler1, which appeared on the list. The source told the site that they “remember that both RiceGum and Tyler1 received more grace than they should be” and said “if one of our administrators reported them anyway, we would be told to kick the stone and pay attention The’don’t ban’ list.”

Later, the source added: “Twitch refuses to ban [RiceGum] It’s all because he got the ratings.”

They said: “This is not a card for’freedom from prison’, but obviously some anchors have more opportunities or abilities than others.”

Twitch pointed out that the list has been out of date for five years and that the company no longer uses the audit system attached to it.

In the past few years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Twitch. Whether it’s banning the anchor because of allegations of sexual abuse, the CEO’s suggestion to laugh off reports of abusive employees, or the persistent problem of hate attacks, the platform has many problems, and many people believe that these problems have not been properly resolved.

Seeing well-known anchors evade the banned behavior of small users may only further anger the already troublesome user group.