Twitch’s Vtubers add a creative twist to hot tab streams

Playing around and experimenting with new formats of content is nothing new to a virtual entertainer known as Vtubers. Whether you’re experimenting with new poses and styles or using animal avatars, these creators always seem to be a bit ahead of the era of livestreaming. So while you can now find Vtubers in Twitch’s new hottab category, it’s a mistake to think that these digital creators are jumping on the latest trends. Virtual entertainers have been wearing swimsuits and relaxing by the pool for some time, long before the concept of hanging out in the tub on Twitch became controversial.

Vtubers allows you to create an entire set of characters and design your characters and models from shoulder to top. On Twitch, it was inevitable to slot a virtual character into the background of a hot tub. BuffPup, Vtuber streaming with cartoon muscular shiba inu, I started streaming hot tubs a year and a half ago. Initially, the set was a joke for viewers aimed at providing a cool virtual atmosphere.

Streamer told Polygon on Twitter. In the video, the dog casually leans into a classic wooden hot tub, asks questions from the people there, and hangs out and chats with BuffPup. When viewers ask if they can buy bath water, BuffPup frowns as his face turns red.

BuffPup has been a hot tab stream for some time, but the recent controversy followed by a new category of Twitch has intrigued the wider Vtuber community. lemonade, Vtuber flowing as a cute pink mothDownload free assets from Artist named Catecatboy It painted a high-end jacuzzi tub. Doing a stream of a dedicated hot tub was just a matter of switching to the bikini version of her model she already had.

“There were so many pointless complaints about the concept of hot tub flow, so when they introduced another section instead of blaming the ban, I maximized what was available to participate in the fun. I wanted to take advantage of it, “she told Polygon.

IRL steam is limited to where the streamer can shoot, but Vtubers are as constrained as imagination. Many Vtubers have all sorts of fun scenes as a background for bars, gaming rooms, and even libraries. JuniperActias, Gray moth hosting a gorgeous virtual stream With wine, Against the background of the starry sky Due to the flow of their hot tub. Using the virtual locale, Juniper Actias can create a quiet mountain bus scene by simply switching the background.

BuffPup told Polygon that creating fun and creative scenes in the Vtuber community is “huge” and “huge”. “Just draw a picture and hit the model to create a cool scene like this hot tub scene.”

So far, virtual hot tab streams haven’t made a fuss for streamers. BuffPup didn’t notice a noticeable rise, and Lemonade noticed a slight increase in viewership. But for Vtubers, numbers aren’t always important. In this case, it’s important to enjoy the digital background, even if you’re not taking advantage of the artistic side of Vtubing.

“There’s a lot you can do with VTuber Avatar, and I think that’s the fun and creativity that comes with it,” says Buff Pup.