Twitter now has hexagonal NFT avatars, and already has a way to mute everyone who uses them

It was only a matter of time before Twitter capitalized on the enthusiasm of its users to launch the Stone Ape avatar — the social media platform added support for crypto wallets back in September. Today, Twitter launched NFT avatars for members of its $3-a-month Twitter Blue subscription service, which includes additional features such as the ability to undo a tweet (it actually only waits 30 seconds before sending it). To differentiate these rare NFT avatars from our low-level jpegs, they are displayed in a new hexagonal frame.

Twitter launched the NFT avatar next to the creative hollow ad video below, which depicts a group of people living with avatars superimposed on their heads. It’s the exact same concept of digital identity we’ve had throughout the history of the internet, except for the “new” idea of ​​showing off how much you paid for an avatar.

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