Two new sizes of Xbox Series X/S expansion cards are coming soon

If you are worried about filling up the Xbox Series X or S internal drive and want to add more high-speed storage to the console, then in the next two months, you will have two new options.

Seagate is currently the only brand in town that sells drive hardware that fits the proprietary memory expansion card slot of Microsoft’s latest game console.Published on Xbox cable Today, Seagate will sell two new expansion card sizes: 512MB for $139.99 and 2TB for $399.99. These will be added to the 1TB drive that was released with the Xbox series of consoles last fall and currently retails for $219.99.

Those who wish to expand storage space for Xbox One or older games can use a standard USB external drive to do well, but if you want to provide more space for a new generation of games, you must rely on these storage plugged into specific games Slot on the card series console. The reason is how fast the game needs to process information to provide faster loading speed and higher quality graphics and textures. Expansion card slots and specially constructed memory cards are designed to make the game appear as if it were installed on an internal SSD.

Walmart The 512MB Seagate storage expansion card is available for pre-order today and is expected to be released sometime in mid-November. If you are looking for a 2TB card, the device will be available in early December and pre-orders will begin in November.