Two o’clock campus postponed until summer

SEGA and developer Two Point Studios shared today that the fun business simulation game Two Point Campus has now been delayed until summer. The game was originally scheduled to launch in mid-May, but has now been pushed back to August. Two Point Studio is still planning to launch Two Point Campus on multiple platforms simultaneously, however, in order to achieve this, some versions will require more time in the oven and are considered “the quality and standard that our community expects from us” . Two Point Campus is now scheduled to hit consoles and PC on August 9.

“We have some news to share that we know will undoubtedly disappoint some of you. As always, we will cut to the chase – we have made the difficult decision to move the two-point campus launch from 2022 May 17 postponed to August 9, 2022.”

“Of course, we understand that some people may be disappointed by this news. Honestly, so are we. We’re really excited for you to start the game, but it’s not fair to you or ourselves to release a game that’s not fully ready. We Committed to ensuring everyone has the best possible experience when playing Two Points Campus!”

“From the outset, our goal has been to release Two Dot Campus simultaneously on all PC and console platforms to meet the quality and standards our community expects from us. This means we will need more time to work with Two Dot Campus, To ensure we deliver the best games that can be enjoyed equally across all platforms.” We will use this extra three months to optimize our two-point campus across all platforms. “

Mark Webley, Game Director, Two Point Studios

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