Two Point Campus Delayed to August, but Looks Promising

As a follow-up to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus has received a new release date for all platforms (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC), which is August 9. Originally, the simulation game was slated to debut on May 17, but developers needed more time to devote more time to building the campus, offering an eclectic curriculum and ensuring students get the most out of their college experience.

In the press release, it was reiterated that the vision for the game remains the same. “From the outset, our goal has been to release Two Point Campus simultaneously across all PC and console platforms to meet the quality and standards our community has come to expect from us,” game director Mark Webley said in the same release. “This means we will need a little more time to work with Two Point Campus to ensure we deliver the best games that can be enjoyed equally across all platforms. We will use this extra three months to optimize Two Point Campus across all platforms.

We recently got a hands-on experience with Two Point Campus and it looks like the game is moving in a positive direction. While Two Point Campus feels very similar to its predecessor, Two Point Hospital, you’ll have more projects to add your own flair to each campus right from the start, and the relationship system adds an interesting new challenge. Yes, you can have students explore friendship and even love by throwing blenders and socializing them in an area with special items.

There is also a strong focus on listening to students’ needs and keeping them entertained in every way to ensure they get the highest possible grades. Maybe they need an extra cubby in the library or want an inspirational poster to inspire them. The humorous vibe remains alive and well, allowing you to offer classes such as virtual normality, and a themed campus with a culinary focus. Did we mention that there is a campus teaching the best and brightest of the arts of chivalry? I’ve invested a lot of time at Two Point Hospital, and Two Point Campus hopes to offer more creative endeavours that I’m excited to put into the game when it launches on August 9th.