Two-Point Campus Preview-Return to School

Two Point Hospital captivated us when it launched in 2018, but there was certainly room for improvement. However, with 20 free updates three years later, the hospital management sim is in much better shape than it was when it first launched. Still, Two Point Studios wanted to improve its formula with the next entry in the Two Point County series, Two Point Campus.

As leaked last month, Two Point Campus holds you accountable in building the university the way you want. The studio wants to improve the toolset at Two Point Hospital to give players more control over how they create their dream college. For the first time, players can create external buildings without being restricted by the layout of the game. With just a few clicks, you can place trees, custom pathways, and even change the type of ground. You can build a dormitory to provide everyone with your own room, or pack as many beds as you can into one room to save money at the expense of student happiness (more on this later). ..

“We want to give players more control,” says senior UI designer Lauren Woodroffe. “We have so many kinds of players. We don’t necessarily really want to engage in really deep simulations, but we really enjoy the creative side, or we have players who really want to know deeply. You can also. Change the price of the cheap Gavin and hire the best staff. We want everyone to have a good time. “

A closer look at the game gives you control over how you approach campus creation. Goals appear in the corners of the screen, but you can work at your own pace and in any order you choose. This carefully selected sandbox approach aims to keep players excited, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be player first if you don’t want to.

Of course, without the swanky humor of the studio, it wouldn’t be a two-point game. The team promises to add a more humorous element to their college experience. What’s more, judging from the trailer and gameplay footage I’ve seen, students can learn how to cook huge pizzas, become spear-wielding knights, and undertake course work, including acquiring wizards. So the courses offered are almost non-traditional-like magical powers.

Speaking of students, Two Point Campus (hopefully) uses a four-year college to help them get to know their students (also known as customers) better. Each student has his or her own personality, desires and needs, and it is up to you to satisfy your students through the attractive campus life as well as the courses offered. Introducing new clubs, societies, and gigs will allow students to be surrounded by friends, build relationships, enjoy school time, and be more likely to stay in all four. I will. Year.

Two-point campus

“”[Character interaction] I was in the hospital to some extent, but I never actually saw it. Generally speaking, only the staff spend a lot of time together. Studio director Gary Karr said, “What we want to do is make it more public, so that people are in the dormitory together and people are grouping together. Very well, people who actually tend to be romantic with each other, people who actually have some common interests, join the society together and join the sports team. You What we are doing is making these activities slightly shepherds in a positive way. “

As mentioned earlier, Two Point Campus is a continuation of the Two Point County series. But what does that mean? First, it means that Two Point Campus is in the same geographic neighborhood as Two Point Hospital. This is done to familiarize yourself with player-based settings, such as through repeated locations. In addition, Two Point Hospital players may notice a nod to the game in the series, such as through the characters in the game that appear in Two Point Campus.

Two-point campus

However, despite this lore and location interoperability, there is no actual integration between games … at least not yet. “Our goal is ultimately to connect these in a much more powerful way,” says Kerr. “This is a journey. It won’t happen today. Anyone can imagine what we want to do. I want to do something with Two Point Campus. I have a doctor who wants to train and import at Two Point Campus. We know what you want. […] There’s a lot we’re talking about, but it’s not there yet today, but it’s definitely part of our journey. We want to feel that these games are integrated into the county. The county is our long-term plan. “

Two Point Campus looks like a ton of ridiculous fun layered on top of a talented and engaging college management simulation. The studio seems to have learned some lessons from their debut outing and looks forward to seeing what other surprises Two Point Studios have. Those who play Two Point Hospital on the console and are overwhelmed by its offerings have a reason to be optimistic about Two Point Campus, as everything is designed from scratch with both the controller and mouse / keyboard in mind. Two Point Campus will be available on consoles and PCs in 2022.