Ubisoft announces a remake of “Split Cell”

Ubisoft Announce Ubisoft Toronto is remaking Tom Clancy’s cell division Use the Snowdrop engine, which is also used in “Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” and Ubisoft’s Star Wars games.

The company reviewed the history of “Split Cell” and conducted long interviews with the three key members of the team responsible for bringing back Sam Fisher. “For me, the remake took the approach in the remake and went a step further,” when asked what makes this game a full remake instead of a remake, the producer Matt West Explained. “Although we are still in the early stages of development, we are working hard to ensure that the spirit of the early game remains intact to give all the ways of early cell division. So, when we build it from scratch, we will update its visual effects, and Some design elements to match the comfort and expectations of players, we will keep it as linear as the original game, and don’t let it become an open world.”

Creative Director Chris Auty said: “It is important for us to maintain a sense of mastery by supporting players who observe situations, make plans, use gadgets, and creatively outsmart enemies to meet their challenges.” “Ideally, they Eventually you will come out from the other side, and no one realizes that you are even there. This is the essence of “Split Cell”.”

Many reliable details are not yet known, but the interviews conducted in conjunction with this announcement have been very helpful in building trust in the final product. Time will tell whether they succeed.

At the same time, Ubisoft is still involved in allegations of toxic workplace practices in the management. Although the company admitted that there was a problem, employees of A Better Ubisoft claimed that the company did not do enough to solve the problem. Better Ubisoft even launched a new petition to seek public support to improve working conditions.