Ubisoft announces a remake of “Split Cell”

After the release of Cell Division: Blacklist and the series dormant for more than eight years, Ubisoft has officially confirmed that the remake of cell division is in progress. The development responsibility will be taken by Ubisoft Toronto, and the game will be built on the company’s existing Snowdrop engine.

After years of speculation about the invisible icon Sam Fisher’s next step, the restart was announced.exist an article On Ubisoft’s website, news of the resurrection of “Split Cell” was accompanied by interviews with developers working to refresh the series. Producer Matt West clarified the team’s thoughts on the project, saying: “For me, the remake uses what was done in the remake and goes a step further.” He continued. The plan is to maintain the original design while updating its core technology. “…We are building it from scratch. We will update its visual effects and some design elements to meet the comfort and expectations of players. We will keep it as linear as the original game and don’t let it become open. The world.” So, don’t expect this classic update to adapt to Ubisoft’s current large-scale open maps and exploration features.

“The term’Stealth Action Redefined’ in the original game has actually proven to be a very valuable North Star for us,” West said, highlighting the studio’s apparent desire to do something new with the remake. “We will cross the line between the old spirit and the new spirit,” West continued, “so we can excite and surprise new players, but also make sure that when our returning players recover, the controllers, they loose In a sigh of relief, said, “Ah, they understand.””

At the core of the project is another sentence: “Respect the goggles.” West elaborated on this motto: “I like to use the goggles as a symbol of Sam. We are making a modern game, but based on the brand’s rich history Basically.” As can be seen from the interview, the initial challenges and invisibility of “Split Cell” will become the focus of Ubisoft Toronto. Creative Director Chris Auty added: “It’s safe to say that many people on our team are invisible purists, and we support this serious attitude when it comes to these mechanisms and the things we want to see. In In this game, we know very, very well what makes the classic “Split Cell” a reality.”

There is no release schedule for the remake of Cell Division. The project is still in its early stages. However, at the same time as this announcement, game developers are called on to join the team to help Ubi’s most cunning franchise create a new era.