Ubisoft announces new 100-person F2P FPS Ghost Recon Frontline

Ubisoft’s next Ghost Recon game is different: it is a free, player-to-player-centric first-person shooter game that supports more than 100 players.It is called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline, And will be tested in selected areas next week.

Ubisoft Bucharest developed Tom Clancy’s HAWX game and co-developed other Tom Clancy games, leading the development Ghost Recon FrontThe studio aims to combine the tactical military operations of the nearly 20-year-old “Ghost Recon” series with large-scale participation in the battle royale type.

Ghost Recon Front There will be multiple game modes, but Ubisoft specifically emphasized a game called “Expedition”, which will have more than 100 players fighting in teams of three. Players need to work together to complete dynamic goals on a large open world map on an island called Drakemoor, which has various biomes.

The task of players is not only to eliminate each other in the expedition, but also to collect and protect intelligence. They can even interrogate fallen enemies to understand the location of enemy teammates. After completing their mission, they will fight for survival, because they will convene an extraction team to flee with the above information.

Image: Ubisoft Bucharest/Ubisoft

Players will have a variety of tactical tools to use, and Ubisoft Bucharest said there are different ways to win. Players will be able to “reshape” the battlefield, summon vehicles through airdrops, automatic turrets and dynamic cover-including on-demand sniper towers. front The developers say that it is “built on the core values ​​of Ghost Recon,” allowing players to create their own solutions to solve situations.

Ghost Recon Front Various types of players will be provided, called contractors. Ubisoft hinted that it will offer three types of contractors at launch: assault, which provides strong sustainability in close combat; support, which provides defensive protection; and reconnaissance, which can scouting areas to find and entangle the enemy.

Ubisoft says other “faster” models will be launched soon Ghost Recon Front, And other contractors, as part of the ongoing seasonal update model in the free-to-play plan.

Ghost Recon Front: Soldiers in a row

Image: Ubisoft Bucharest/Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Front There is no announced release date, but starting from October 14th, European players will be able to test the game on Windows PCs. Ghost Recon Front Suitable for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, as well as streaming platforms Amazon Luna and Google Stadia.

The new Ghost Recon is part of Ubisoft’s vigorous promotion of free games. Other confirmed games that attract players’ attention include the F2P spin-off game in Tom Clancyverse, Central Zone with Tom Clancy’s XDefiant.