Ubisoft announces plans to develop blockchain games and NFT

Ubisoft announced plans to develop blockchain games and irreplaceable tokens.

According to reports, the company will integrate blockchain technology into future games International Business TimesIt will also use game earning technology, allowing players to earn content by playing Ubisoft games.

“As you can see, this industry is changing regularly and many new revolutions have taken place,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said on a recent earnings call. “We think that blockchain is one of these revolutions. This will mean more money-making games, which will enable more players to actually get the content, own the content, and we think this will enable the industry to develop a lot. So. , We have been working with many small companies that use blockchain, and we have started to have great expertise in how to influence the industry. We hope to be one of the main players there.”

According to IBT, Ubisoft has been studying blockchain for many years. More specifically, its Strategic Innovation Lab has been investigating its use since 2018.

The Verge report stated that blockchain and NFT are partly responsible for the continued destruction of the planet due to millions of carbon dioxide emissions from mining and the use of cryptocurrencies..

Therefore, some major players criticized their emerging uses in various industries, including Steam, and did not allow developers to publish “Applications built on blockchain technology can be issued or allowed to exchange cryptocurrency or NFT.“However, others, such as Epic Games and its digital storefronts, Working well with developers who use blockchain technology, Although Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney stated that the company will not “Just a month ago, the entire field was entangled with interactive scams, interesting decentralized technology foundations, and scams.

Ubisoft seems to follow in the footsteps of Epic Games rather than Steam. Only time will tell us how the company is doing.

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