Ubisoft announces the launch of a new Ghost Recon breakpoint event called “Operation Motherland” next month

Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline Earlier this month, a large PvP shooter made many people believe that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint has come to an end, but there seems to be some ammunition in Breakpoint’s magazine.

That ammunition is called Motherland Action, It is basically a brand new campaign for Breakpoint launched on November 2nd. Set a few months after the end of the original story, Nomad is no longer located in Auroa, but now the island has become a strategic target for multiple countries interested in turning it into their own.

“The CIA aims to ease global tensions by turning Oroa into an autonomous state by handing power on the island to neutral forces-Ito and the exiles,” Ubisoft’s blog post Read about new campaigns. “This action led by Karen Bowman is called Motherland.”

The core of the motherland is the new mode of conquest. Conquer is described as an alternative to the breakpoint story mode, emphasizing player behavior and subsequent consequences for Auroa. There will be a variety of missions to choose from, including objectives such as destroying things, protecting enemy camps, stealing cars, and killing one of the four Bodak lieutenants. The deeper the player goes into the homeland, the more free Auroa of Bodars.

Speaking of Bodarks, Ubisoft said, “They are ruthless infiltrators and manipulators, allied with sentries and wolves”, and five enemy archetypes will appear in both the enemy’s camp and the wilderness of Oroa.

  • Tactician Unless quickly eliminated, the enemy will ask for support
  • Armored Oppressor Will make the player fall
  • Dreadnought Rocket launcher will be used
  • Seeker Rifles and optical camouflage will be used
  • cavalry Will serve as the main body of the Bodak force

“Each type of Bodak enemy will have equipment that changes according to the heights, cities, and wildlife communities,” the blog post reads. “Players will notice the appearance of the new Russian weapons and vehicles of the Bodak faction. Players can also obtain new items and equipment in Maria’s Shop, including the mixed material Ghillie Outfit, so their own choices will increase with the increase of Bodarks.”

In order to coincide with the motherland, the aurora will undergo some atmospheric changes. More specifically, it will be divided into five different areas with an overall autumn and winter feel. According to Ubisoft, the cloudy, rainy, foggy and sunny conditions on the island will also be more diverse. New insect, smoke, grass and bird flight modes have also been added.

With the return of conquest, factional warfare will also return, and the presence of exiles will reflect the player’s behavior.

“As players conquer Auroa, Outcast’s presence in the wild and camp will increase, making faction wars more frequent,” the blog post said. “You will notice that road checkpoints, convoys, hostage situations, and patrols will fill up the entire island based on factions. The difficulty of these events will vary depending on the respective region-please be sure to check your TacMap to find More detailed information about the challenges in each region.”

The motherland will bring optical camouflage into the game along with its new development system. Optical camouflage works with a metering system that starts at 100 and decreases over time (and based on player actions). This camouflage allows you to be invisible to the enemy and can be upgraded to extend the lifespan and remain efficient when further differences.

The maximum XP level has been increased to 99 to take into account the extra content added to Breakpoint. Skill points can now be used to increase weapon proficiency and focus on the preferred game style.

The Motherland was launched on November 2.

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