Ubisoft employee group calls on company leaders for failing to meet demands

In July 2021, hundreds of Ubisoft employees signed an open letter calling on company leadership to respond to four demands, including a “collective voice on how Ubisoft is moving forward as a company.” 200 days have passed and there doesn’t seem to be any progress. In a statement released yesterday, the A Better Ubisoft employee group said its demands remained unmet and company leaders “refused to participate”.

The statement describes an internal video released by Ubisoft Chief People Officer Anika Grant purportedly to share the results of a “global employee satisfaction survey.” According to A Better Ubisoft, the survey has more than 40 questions, each of which allows for individual comment, but the internal video is only 8 minutes long and offers only 6 “talking points.” The group said it did not include any numbers other than engagement and engagement scores.