Ubisoft employees initiate a new petition seeking public support to improve working conditions

Workers’ rights groups Better Ubisoft A public petition has been launched to seek more support from the majority of game audiences, because it collectively stated that the publishers have made “empty commitments” to the reform of the entire company.

Earlier this month, we saw the workers’ rights organization A Better Ubisoft, after noticing that what the company did was simply acknowledging the need for change, and after discovering multiple instances of employee misconduct in a blockbuster investigation in 2020 , Which promoted publishers to carry out more practical reforms. company.

A Better Ubisoft, eager to maintain its momentum and resolve the pressure on the French company, has now launched a new petition that is open for signatures to all supporters of the collective cause.

“100 days ago, we signed an open letter and put forward our four key requirements,” said Better Ubisoft In tweet“None of our requests have been met. So today we launched a new petition, open to all our supporters to sign.

“This new petition is open to everyone who supports the #ABetterUbisoft event. Please add your name, express your support for @ABetterUbisoft on Twitter and share this link. Together we can build a better Ubisoft and end the game Abuse,” the group concluded.

100 days ago, A Better Ubisoft put forward four or four simple requests to the company, and it lamented that it had not received any response to any action requests. These include:

  • Stop publicity and transfer known offenders from one studio to another, one team to another, without any impact. This cycle needs to end.
  • We hope to have a collective seat on the table and have a meaningful say in how Ubisoft as a company moves forward from here.
  • Cross-industry cooperation, agree to a set of basic rules and procedures, all studios should use these rules and procedures to deal with these violations in the future.
  • Such cooperation must involve a large number of employees and union representatives in non-management positions.

Ubisoft’s slow pace of reforms is obviously frustrating for “Better Ubisoft”, especially in the confrontation with Activision Blizzard, and meaningful changes seem to be happening quickly (although now the world’s attention is focused on rival publishers Body).

We encourage anyone who wants to support a better Ubisoft, Sign the petition here.