Ubisoft Issues “Speculative” Nvidia Database Leaked Delete Request

Earlier this month, when the leaked GeForce Now database “revealed” games including Titanfall 3, Half-Life 2 remake and PC version of God of War, Nvidia ignited the hope of players. However, Nvidia quickly denied all this, saying that these titles are speculative and used for “internal tracking and testing.” In other words, developers are likely to need placeholders to test various functions and decide to have a little fun from them.

Using internal jokes for internal testing is a risky thing-there is a famous story about a local newspaper that publishes one of the dirtiest “joke” passages you can imagine as an objective lesson about the dangers of such things -But in this case, all this seems relatively harmless: Nvidia explained the situation, and 343 Industries (again) told us that Halo 5 will not appear on the PC, and this is the end of it.