Ubisoft postpones the next Big Division 2 update to 2022

Ubisoft announced that the next season of The Division 2 has been postponed to 2022.

This delay comes from a new Ubisoft blog post Discuss the current status of “The Division 2”, the way forward, and of course the eighth season that is now postponed. The post said that the next title update will be one of the most ambitious updates so far, so the team needs more development time.

This headline update will be one of our most ambitious updates to date,” the post read. “We still believe that these content will bring an exciting experience to our players Pave the way for the future, and future updates will be launched in 2022. That being said, and to ensure that we provide content that is consistent with our vision, we have decided to postpone the release of our new season, game mode, and related content until February 2022. ”

Ubisoft stated that this extra time will enable the development team of The Division 2 to provide the highest possible quality content in the new season. However, ongoing real-time service games will continue to receive support.

This blog post also details the “Road to the Future” of Division 2. The first is the plan to restore intelligence attachments. Ubisoft stated that before the next major update is released in 2022, it will publish “special in-depth articles to detail key features and changes.” The first episode will be about the professional transformation in 2022. Debut on Thursday.

When Season 7 ends in December this year, an in-game event will be held to relaunch fans’ favorite global events, new rewards, and clothing events. According to Ubisoft, more details will be announced near December.

Ubisoft will detail the upcoming season and update it in January.

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