Ubisoft responds to abominable reports of changes made following last year’s allegations of toxic control

Ubisoft has been accused of removing toxic controls and not doing enough to respond to allegations of abuse.

2020 was a particularly cruel year UbisoftAn image of a welcoming and culturally diverse publisher. A series of allegations of sexual misconduct, starting with Assassin’s Creed Valhara’s director Ashraf Ismail, is a kind of movement that accuses some executives and managers of organized discrimination, abuse and long-standing sexual misconduct. Has developed.

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It took a while, but Ubisoft finally responded by shutting down Vice Presidents Tommy Francois and Maxime Beland. The two executives hired an outside company to independently investigate the allegations and created an online portal for employees to anonymously report harassment.

But a new report from Le Telegram [paywall] (via Games IndustryIt has been suggested that the impact of changes made so far is minimal.

According to a representative of Ubisoft’s Socio-Economic Commission, the HR staff responsible for concealing Ubisoft’s toxic culture remains in their place. Global Human Resources Director Cecile Cornet has just left the company, but a representative said she doesn’t think her successor, Chief Human Resources Officer Anika Grant, will make a difference.

Another member of the Solidaires Informatique Jeu Video Union said it continues to protect certain leaders involved in the wave of accusations, such as Florent Castelnerac, head of Ubisoft Nadeo, and Hugues Ricour, former director of Ubisoft Singapore. Recourt resigned in November but remains at Ubisoft.

According to the report, Ubisoft management has dropped staff ideas to prevent this from happening in the future, and Ubisoft’s Canadian studio has resumed operations as usual.

“We recognize desire [from management] Leaving the crisis from the summer of 2020 represents a risk to the endurance of the group. However, training should be updated regularly and provided to new staff. So far, this request has not been resolved, “a source told Le Telegramme.

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A Ubisoft representative who was contacted about the report told VG247 that “the entire organization, internal processes, and procedures” to create a “safe, comprehensive, and respectful work environment for all team members.” We have implemented a major change. ” A spokeswoman also lists all changes Ubisoft has made since the onset of the crisis, including the reporting tools mentioned above, investigating allegations and taking action against perpetrators, training employees, and revising the company’s Code of Conduct. did.

Ubisoft also noted that it has appointed Lidwine Sauer as responsible for the workplace culture that oversees the implementation of these changes. Ubisoft reiterated hiring Anika Grant as HR Director and Raashi Sikka as Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion, talking about HR and saying that it “has revamped the HR process.”

“These concrete actions represent significant changes that have taken place at all levels of the company,” says Ubisoft.

“Additional initiatives are underway and will be rolled out over the next few months. We have a long-term culture and culture so that all Ubisoft team members can be listened to, respected and valued in the workplace. We are working to strengthen our values. “

Ubisoft is unlikely to talk about this at a consumer show. In the midst of last year’s crisis, the publisher decided not to address this situation at the Ubisoft Forward summer event.