Ubisoft will delist the original Rocksmith early next week

According to a new Ubisoft Blog, The original Rocksmith will be removed early next week, making it unavailable for purchase. You will no longer be able to purchase games from Steam, Xbox Market or PlayStation Store. The news came after the publisher announced that it would postpone its new service Rocksmith+ until sometime in 2022.

Originally released in 2011, Rocksmith has always been a tool for teaching people how to use real instruments to play guitar and bass. This is an ingenious alternative to products such as rock bands and guitar heroes. Those who wish to start learning a specific version of Rocksmith must purchase it before October 17th. The following is Ubisoft’s delisting announcement:

“A unique aspect of the Rocksmith method is the ability to learn and play official master recordings of your favorite songs. But starting October 17, 2021, Rocksmith (2011) will no longer be available for purchase in any digital storefront. Soon, Rocksmith (2011) DLC will also begin to be removed.”

The mentioned DLC songs (and any song packs containing these songs will become unavailable from November, but the specific date has not been determined. These songs will be removed next month (Xbox 360 DLC will be removed on October 17th) ):

  • · Lynyrd Skynyrd-“Free Bird”
  • · Radiohead-“Bodysnatchers”
  • · Black key-“tighten”
  • ·Boston-“Not just a feeling”
  • · Deep Purple-“Smoke on the Water”
  • ·Allman Brothers Band-“Jessica”
  • ·Tyrannosaurus-“The Boy of the 20th Century”
  • ·Three days of grace-“I hate everything about you”
  • ·Vampire Weekend-“Cousins”

To be clear, if you own this content, Rocksmith (2011) or any of the above DLC songs, you can continue to play and learn after the delisting date. You can also download products again, as long as they are in your purchase history or library. And this delisting only affects the initial version of Rocksmith. Subsequent versions (such as Rocksmith Remastered in 2014) are still available, and content from Rocksmith (2011) can be imported.

The delisting coincides with the tenth anniversary of Rocksmith’s launch on October 18, 2011. If your math is as accurate as mine, you may be certain that Ubisoft’s license agreement will last for ten years, and the time has come to include the content in the base product. Whether my assumptions are correct will not change that we are losing the usability of earlier versions of Rocksmith. Those who are interested in viewing the evolution of the series version by version will not be able to access this content digitally after Sunday. Even those who have a copy of the Rocksmith CD must register before the October 17 deadline.

Rocksmith is not the only game to be delisted this week. Rockstar also announced that all existing versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas will be withdrawn from the digital market before the release of Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-Final Edition.

Are you still using the OG version of Rocksmith? How does this affect your learning to play the guitar? Are you worried about how such games will be saved in the future? Let us know in the comments!