Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones is in the alpha stage, but it took eight years to get there

Remember the Ubisoft game Skull & Bones announced at E3 2017? It has been in development for eight years and has just reached the alpha stage of production.

It according to various Skull and bone Ubisoft developers I recently talked to Kotaku..

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What started as a derivative of the Assassin’s Creed Black Flag in 2013 became a unique title rather than being released as a post-launch update, and development began in Ubisoft Singapore. The game was announced at E3 2017 as a collaborative multiplayer title between PvP and various environmental factors such as wind and ocean currents.

It all sounded pretty fun and many were looking forward to it being released in the fall of 2018. But in May 2018, Ubisoft announced that it had postponed the game to 2019. Watch the game during E3 2018. Then, when May 2019 rolled around, the game suffered yet another delay, pushing it into the company’s fiscal year 2020/2021.

After that, there was news of a game restart, and the last thing I heard was that it will be released after April 2022.

So why are all the delays? According to more than 20 current and former Ubisoft developers, as well as game-savvy developers, they are plagued by development issues, mismanagement, and annual reboots, and have a “clear creative vision behind them.” Was clearly not. According to Kotaku’s article, even the core design hasn’t been nailed for years, the game has exceeded its original budget, and along with other Ubisoft studio employees, Ubisoft has about $ 120 million. It costs money.

Over the years, development has often stagnated or changed due to feedback from Ubisoft companies, new managers, staff changes, and other development issues. At the moment, the game is the third creative director, and hopefully things will go even more positively.

“No one wants to admit that they’re messed up,” said one developer. “Like a US bank, it’s too big to fail.”

“If Skull & Bones had been a competitor, they would have already been killed 10 times,” another former developer said.

One of the current developers compared the SKull & Bones saga with BioWare’s Anthem. This is a rocky game that was scheduled to be restarted but was eventually canceled.

Still, with all the issues it faces, Ubisoft stands behind multiplayer games and seems determined to someday release it as a live service game that Ubisoft is heading towards release. .. In Singapore, the government adds the fact that due to the large number of grants, companies like Ubisoft are demanding the launch of new titles. So basically, Ubisoft has no choice but to ship the game.

Kotaku’s work goes into more detail about the problematic development of the game and should be read in action.