UK advertising regulator targets in-game spending and advertising

British Advertising Standards Bureau A new in-game consumption guide was released. The new measures introduced last week aim to ensure that advertising is more transparent to consumers.

If you have been confused or misled by the large number of premium currencies in the game, or if you are attracted by limited-time offers, then this new guide may affect you.

this New guide, You can read it in full on the link, addressing in-game practices designed to encourage players to spend more money, and more general ways of in-game advertising.

Games that provide in-game currency that can also be earned by playing games are not subject to certain measures. The ASA points out that different types of games need to be measured in different ways. According to the new guidelines, any high-quality currency advertised must have a clear monetary value to explain its actual value.

It is worth noting that the guide is not legally binding-but it is unwise for the company to continue to investigate customers in a manner contrary to the latest published content.

“ASA (one of the UK’s advertising regulators) has issued new guidelines on advertising in-game purchases. This is huge and requires a major shift in current industry practices,” legal partner Peter Lewin Explain on twitter.

“Remember that although the ASA has no fines power, it has so far successfully operated on the basis of reputation and shame (and can refer serious offenders to other more powerful regulatory agencies).”

Prior to this, the British House of Lords concluded that after the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) Committee requested the removal of loot boxes from games sold to children, loot boxes are gambling and should be regulated.