Ultimate Team earned $ 1.62 billion in EA last year, accounting for 29% of revenue

Sheriff Sayed
May 28, 2021 09:22 GMT

There are good reasons for Ultimate Team to stay the status quo.

Newly released EA SEC filing [PDF] It Ultimate team He earned $ 1.62 billion during the 2021 fiscal year ending in March.


That’s a whopping 29% of EA’s total net revenue ($ 5.6 billion) for the year. In fact, spending money on Ultimate Team is EA’s most popular live service, and keep in mind that “a significant portion” of its $ 1.62 billion was done by FIFA Ultimate Team.

As Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out, EA’s Ultimate Team revenues have grown steadily each year since 2015, at just $ 587 million.

However, EA recognizes that government interest in loot box regulation or total bans could endanger this business, which is not the case now, but could be in the future. Please note that there is.

Of course, the Ultimate Team works by selling rootboxes that contain soccer player cards and other items. With these items, players form squads and play online or against AI. Without a loot box, Ultimate Team would lose its primary form of revenue unless the EA found a way to migrate from that system.

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