Unauthorized animated film secretly confirmed by DC

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics have confirmed the existence of an animated film based on an injustice series.Confirmation of the movie will be done via the following press release Batman: Long Halloween, Part 2..

Burial in the middle of a press release Batman: Long Halloween, Part 2 A list of upcoming animated film bonus features. The list includes a new short animation starring Blue Beetle, Batman: Animated series, And DC Universe Movie Flashbacks Batman: Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 And Batman: Hash, A bully caught our eye.One of the bulleted features listed as a bonus for both the Blu-ray and digital versions of Long Halloween, part 2, Is “Sneak Peak of the Next DC Animated Movie-Advanced Consideration” Illegal.. “

You can see the trailer of Batman: Long Halloween, Part 2 Less than.

Injustice: Gods Among Us was released in 2013 as the second console game from Mortal Kombat Studios NetherRealm. Much of the excitement was a fighting game starring heroes and villains in the DC Universe, built by experts in the Nether Realm Studio genre, but in Story Mode, it’s a story with a timeline featuring Joker, DC Comics. I enjoyed the multi-verse. Fooling Superman into a murder maniac, the rest of DC’s finest must come up with a way to stop his rampage. In 2017, Injustice 2 offered a follow-up game that continued the story of a terribly flawed Superman, but introduced a myriad of new characters into the mix, including Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, and Supergirl.

The Injustice series started out as a fighting game, but the series quickly gained support in the comics arena. To date, the Injustice comic series has released over 150 digital editions. Many of these stories in the comic follow the events of the game, but the other stories act as the first part of the original injustice: the games of the gods between us and other stories of the in-game stories. Expand beyond range.

No details Illegal The movie is currently available, but it will surely change as the next Batman anime movie hits this summer. Batman: Long Halloween, Part 2 It will arrive digitally on July 27th and on Blu-ray on August 10th. The film is rated R for “Violence and Bloody Images”. For more information on the Injustice series, see Injustice 2 Review.

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