Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and Cloe are coming to Fortnite next week

if Players will soon be able to get some Uncharted skins for their characters.

Epic Games recently released a trailer for the game’s next collaboration, when you guessed the correct answera video appeared showing some unknown goodness (thanks, fire monkey).

According to the video, the Uncharted collaboration will begin next week on February 17. The skins are Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 and Cloe from The Lost Legacy. There are also skins for two characters in the Uncharted movie. You can switch between the two styles in the locker. The Chloe Frazer set is sold with Chloe’s Pack Back Bling.

In addition to the Nathan Drake suit and the Chloe Frazer suit, there will be other accessories. These include a used saber pickaxe, a Parashurama axe pickaxe, Sully’s “new” seaplane glider, and a changelog emote.

According to the video, Nathan Drake will leave behind some treasure maps after “being on the island for a while”. If you come across Drake’s map on the island, they’ll guide you to buried treasure that you can dig with your pickaxe.

Sounds interesting! Who wouldn’t want to run around as our favorite bravado hero for a while, right?