United States: My Nintendo is about to launch the Metroid Fear Holographic Poster Set Reward

Announcing a new physical reward for My Nintendo in anticipation of the upcoming Metroid Dread. Two exquisite 11.75″ x 18″ holographic foil posters with the theme of interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran will be available in the United States/Canada as a set. The number of Platinum Points required to redeem the poster has not been announced, but the standard shipping will cost $7 as usual (you can add multiple rewards or My Nintendo Store merchandise to your order at no additional cost).

Although Nintendo has not yet shared an exact launch date, we will most likely expect it to appear My nintendo Around the time Metroid Dread was released on October 8.At the same time, you can download the digital Metroid Dread wallpaper calendar for PC and mobile devices here 50 Platinum Points.

Metroid Fear Wallpaper My Nintendo

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