United States: Nintendo October 28, 2021 download

This week’s Nintendo downloads include the following:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Mario Party Superstar – Get ready to face the chaos of a full star mini game! The Mario Party series returns to classic game boards and mini games, including five boards from Nintendo 64 Mario Party Games. Race against time to get the most stars (and destroy your opponents) on boards such as the land of stars in space or the land of spooky horror… just in time for Halloween! The trend in Mario parties can change quickly, so stay alert to those who go to the party. All modes can also be played online. Connect with friends and be ready to leave some instant memories. Mario Party Superstars will be available on October 29th.
    • Pokémon Café ReMix – When building your own cafe in Pokémon Café ReMix, link the Pokémon icons together to clear the puzzle. Pokémon Café ReMix is ​​a free game for Nintendo Switch series systems! Recruit Pokémon to help in cafes (in stylish uniforms), build friendships, and expand your cafe and menu supply by completing puzzles. Every Pokémon staff has a cafe skill that can come in handy to solve puzzles! Pokémon Café ReMix is ​​an improved version of the original Pokémon Café Mix game. The puzzles have been updated, and there are more Pokémon to discover and recruit.
    • The Voice of Cards: Dragon Island Roar – Experience a role-playing game in the world of swords and magic that is entirely based on cards. The story tells of a hero who calls himself a hero. They start to kill a dragon that has just awakened. It is presented in the form of a tabletop role-playing game and is carried out through the narrative of the game controller. Enjoy a new but attractive nostalgic gaming experience from YOKO TARO, Keiichi Okabe and Kimihiko Fujisaka. Be sure to try the free demo in the Nintendo eShop today.
    • Tong Che – In this fascinating hand-drawn beat game with roguelike elements, cooperation and a small amount of shamanism, you will choose one of five characters, master their skills, defeat epic bosses and uncover their secrets Amazon jungle! Tunche will be listed on November 2.
    • Deadly Frame: Blackwater Girl – Deadly Frame: Blackwater Girl, landing on Nintendo Switch for the first time to celebrate 20day The anniversary of the horror adventure series FATAL FRAME. You can also purchase the digital deluxe version of “Deadly Frame: Blackwater Girl”, which includes the main game and bonus content. Bishangshan was once revered as a spiritual holy place. A unique religion based on the belief and customs of worshiping water as a god. It is said that many terrible events and mysterious phenomena have occurred. This mysterious and intertwined story tells three protagonists, each of whom explores the ominous Hikami Mountain and its hidden secrets.
    • Second World War – The heart-pounding zombie shooting game that has attracted more than 15 million players has landed on Nintendo Switch. Inspired by Paramount Pictures films, “Zombie War” focuses on a fast-paced third-person shooter game featuring hordes of zombies. Mankind is on the brink of extinction. From New York to Moscow to Jerusalem, the end of the dead continues to spread. With the end of the day approaching, a group of strong few people united to defeat the tribe and let the dead live longer. World War Z will be available on November 2nd.
  • Digital spotlight
    • Club games: 51 global classic games – If you plan to spend a family game night with Mario Party Superstars, why not continue the party with Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics? Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics provides a selection of classic card games, table games and digital games from all over the world, providing dozens of ways to relax and connect with friends and family. The series includes games such as Foursome, Texas Hold’em, Chess, Slots, and Mancala, including new and old favorites with strategy and creativity spanning centuries. Play local or online multiplayer games with your loved ones in this virtual game closet full of fun choices.


  • It’s time to form an alliance! – Commemorating the Guardian, the second wave of extended pass DLC Heroes of Hellaru: The Age of Disaster The game, released on October 29.Uncover more untold stories about the catastrophe in a new battle 100 years ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Wave 2: Guardian of Remembrance includes new playable characters, additional stages and emotional new story sequences. Defend Hyrule as the weird duo characters Purah and Robbie with a series of ancient techniques and another playable character. Learn more about champions and mysterious guardians as you fight for the future of Hailaru! The Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass DLC is available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 and will grant access to Wave 1: Pulse of the Ancients and Wave 2: Guardian of Remembrance when it launches on October 29 .

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