Unsighted Review-The Ultimate “Beat the Clock” Challenge

Unsighted combines entertaining and thoughtful combat and fascinating exploration with evil premises. As Alma, you are a humanoid robot that loses memory when you wake up and faces two problems. First of all, your partner Raquel is missing. Secondly, the world has lost its anima, which is the source of energy that gives robots emotions and free will. When an automaton runs out of energy, it becomes an ignorant, thoughtless monster. In order to save as many friends as possible from this fate, Alma’s action-adventure game has become a real race against time.

I like that Unsighted’s unique premise is not bluffing. You and everyone you meet have a timer, visible in the conversation and measured by the time in the game, indicating how long they have before they become monsters. Friends, shopkeepers, task givers, your fairy-like companions. No one is exception-including yourself. If someone is blind, you will have to put them down, which means you will miss side missions, or if you are a supplier, you can choose to buy certain goods.one Animal house-style “Where are they now?” The ending shows what happens to the person you save and provides many good reasons for replaying the adventure.

These real stakes kept me involved throughout the journey, because I tried to save anyone I could, and made me question my actions in a way I would not normally do. Should I spend precious time solving optional puzzles to get prizes, or looking for rare, extended time meteor dust to prevent anyone from turning around? This system may be stressful, but time will not pass quickly, and in most cases it will provide a comfortable space for exploration. Unsighted further reduces the pressure in other creative ways. For example, if you lose a supplier, you can make merchandise instead, perhaps saving Meteor Dust for someone else. There is even a character that can kill the NPC of your choice and add its remaining time to your time. This option created an interesting moral dilemma, but I used her service twice and always felt dirty but relieved.

If everyone is erased, Unsighted has done an excellent job of covering its base. Although selfish players can reap the benefits by making everyone suffer, I found a compelling reason to retain the character. Meteor Dust will also increase the popularity of NPCs, which will reward discounts on valuable equipment or open side quests you find when talking to people about their backstory. I did my best to keep Alice, Alma’s fairy-like partner, with me long enough to understand the fate of her missing sister. When someone turns around, I really feel bad, either because I have lost something that is easy to get, or because I appreciate their colorful personality more and more.

In order to save the world, you must collect five meteor fragments scattered in interconnected multi-layered biomes, each of which is guarded by a large boss. Unsighted smooth combat allows players to dual wield a combination of melee weapons and firearms. Thanks to the endurance meter and satisfying parry, this action feels great and requires a deliberate approach, which can shock the enemy for a devastating counterattack. I like to deflect multiple incoming attacks and stun the attacker with one blow. Pistols, shotguns, and even flamethrowers will actively reload to increase tension, but determining the timing is a bit tricky. A wide variety of enemies and creative bosses are difficult, but they find the best balance between challenge and fun.

I like to use ability-granting chips to patch Alma’s abilities, which allows you to create specific builds and eliminate more restrictive elements. For example, I found a chip that can eliminate the endurance cost of running. Gear uses temporary effects to compliment the bargaining chips, such as immediate resurrection or limited invincibility. In a top-down game, the platform feels great and smoother than I expected, but given the perspective, judging the distance and angle during certain jumps is tricky. Falling will not harm Alma, but it is still annoying. However, in general, Unsighted’s performance is like a dream.

I had a lot of fun exploring the beautiful world of pixel art and discovering hidden upgrades and shortcuts. The dungeons have excellent design and rich diversity, each with a unique theme, centered on interesting items such as grappling hooks or ice grenade. Walking through a lava factory in a mech is as fun as surfing a railway network on a giant gyro-gyro. The puzzles are well designed as a whole, although the back and forth required to complete some of them are tedious and are clearly designed to force you to consume time. Just like the best Metroid style games, process-based capabilities have more uses than opening paths. I like to use the grappling hook to pull the enemy towards me, like pulling through a gap.

Because of its fascinating world, awesome battles, and richly adventurous doomsday clock, Unsighted fascinated me. This is one of my favorite surprises this year, because my actions have a real impact on the world, and they are not always what I want. Although I have lost friends along the way, my desire to see the end of this extraordinary adventure will only grow over time.