Update: Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins Confirm MultiVersus Season 1

Update, 3:08pm, 8/15/22

Player First Games has confirmed that Black Adam and Stripe are from Black Adam and Stripe after an in-game splash screen that appeared to be uploaded to MultiVersus hours prematurely leaked Elf A free stage fighter will be introduced in the first season. You can check the official announcement below:

With Season 1 going live, you might be wondering when Black Adam and Stripes will be in the game. Player First Games says the two fighters will join the MultiVersus lineup in the coming months as part of Season 1, along with Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez from rick and morty. Morty will be coming to the game on August 23, while Rick will be released later in Season 1. Additionally, MultiVersus will be adding new modes in the coming months of Season 1, including Classic Arcade and Ranked.

For more details on Season 1 of MultiVersus, go to here Get the full rundown on the Season 1 Battle Pass, new skins, and more.

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Original Story, 8:45AM, 8/15/22:

After weeks of beta testing, MultiVersus has finally launched 1.0, and while the rollout went fairly smoothly, Player First Games chose to delay Season 1.

However, with the start of Season 1, that brief delay has passed, and you can check out the patch notes detailing each character’s buffs, nerfs, and more here. However, in addition to today’s patch notes, there are minor exploits from Player First Games and MultiVersus itself. Twitter User_FireMonkey It’s a bit too early to fire up MultiVersus and see the Season 1 launch loading screen, according to reports European players. That’s because this splash screen features two characters not yet revealed in the roster: Stripe, from Elfand Black Adam.

Check it out for yourself below:

As you can see in the screenshot above, Black Adam and Stripes will be joining the roster sometime in Season 1.Black Adam makes sense – Warner Bros. and DC (and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for that matter) are marketing the model across the board for black adam. However, Stripe is more of a curveball. It’s a great inclusion, but also a bit random.

For more information, please read game whistleblower MultiVersus review, then check out this story about the upcoming Morty release rick and morty. Read on for every character buff, nerf, etc. in Season 1 afterward.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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