Update: Bloodborne PSX Demake Hunts Down January release date

Update, 11/01/21: The upcoming Bloodborne PSX demake now has a release date, and you don’t have to wait too long to play it.

Blood PSX Encoder Botster (On Twitter) Announced yesterday It will be released on January 31, 2022. She includes a new trailer showing some familiar Yanan haunts and the enemies in it. You can view it below:

It’s important to note that it’s still unclear how people will play this game. This is almost impossible to appear on PlayStation, so PC is a possible destination. It is unclear whether players need to pay for this. In fact, selling this demo (not just releasing it for free) may invite Sony and/or FromSoftware to join the copyright infringement hammer. Although b0tster has been developing the Bloodborne PSX since 2017, it still exists, so Sony may not pursue it.

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When we think of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, one of two ideas comes to mind. One is “Wow, what a great game!” The second is “They should really port it to PC or PlayStation 5 and enhance performance.” Not the latter, if you go the other way and use the old hardware What should I do if I publish a game on? Bloodborne PSX is a 2015 PlayStation 1 game style game under development, and that’s it, it looks more attractive than you think.

Since 2017, developer Lilith Walther has been tinkering with the Bloodborne PSX, and those who follow her Twitter Over the years has witnessed the formation of this project.Other designers and artists also contributed to the project, such as the composer Evelyn Luck. Walter has previously shown Abandoned manor with Father Gascione The boss fights, and the latest video shows how the team modified the unforgettable opening sequence of the game. Frankly, it looks great.

Walter has Previously confirmed She plans to release the finished game at some point, but since it runs on Unreal Engine, it cannot be played on the actual PS1. I want a 4K/60fps version of Bloodborne as much as the next fan, but if it looks and runs like this, I will be happy to play 90s games. Those interested in learning about the development progress of Bloodborne PSX so far should visit Walther’s YouTube archive, which contains previous demos and behind-the-scenes footage of the development process.

For more information about Bloodborne, you can watch the entire game in our recent Super Replay series here.

What do you think of the blood source PSX, will you play the complete PS1 blood source? Let us know in the comments!