Update: Days Gone sales numbers may be under 8 million after director reveals source is trophy-tracking website

Update, 1/7/21:

yesterday, game informer Days Gone director Jeff Ross said Bend Studio’s latest game has outsold Ghost of Tsushima, which recently reached a milestone after selling 8 million copies, according to the report.However, in the most recent live Along with former God of War and Twisted Metal director David Jaffe, Ross revealed that his source of sales data was a now-defunct website called Gamestat, which tracked PlayStation Trophy data, according to reports push the square.

Here’s what Ross said: “Where do I get the data, I have access to a lot of telemetry, I can see stuff, and when we get to 5 million — when we announce it’s 5 million — the telemetry is 5.8 [million]. Basically there are resale or share CDs. I’m actually using an external website – I think they’re offline right now – but they’re using trophy data and it’s consistent with our internal telemetry, so to me it’s like, ‘good enough ‘.

Ross went on to say that when you leave Sony, you don’t necessarily get final numbers on game sales. Ross also said that as a creative director, he couldn’t get full and official Sony numbers.

“I think [Gamestat] There’s still data archived,” Ross continued. “Based on the 8 million mark, it matches our telemetry, so I’m like, ‘Good enough. So maybe 7.7 [million]-ish, maybe 8.2 [million]- Yes, I don’t know. ”

Following the livestream, Ross tweeted today He’s backing Days Gone’s sales numbers He revealed earlier this week that when using Gamestat to cross-reference the telemetry he mentioned above, “Each set of data validates each other.”

During Jaffe’s livestream, Ross also said the telemetry data he was referring to was seen before Days Gone’s release as a PlayStation Plus game in 2021.

Interestingly, trophy data doesn’t necessarily translate directly into sales. That’s because players who have purchased a copy of Days Gone or played it as a PlayStation Plus game (neither of which are tracked as new sales) can earn trophies.

Players who earn trophies from used copies of Days Gone will be counted as those who purchased new copies of Days Gone, distorting the total number of copies sold as quoted by Ross. So while Days Gone may indeed have sold millions, the 8 million sold (plus the 1 million sold on Steam) may not be entirely accurate.

Ross also clarified that when he said Days Gone disappointed “local studio management,” he was referring to Bend Studio’s top management, not necessarily PlayStation or Sony management.

This update has been updated to include a direct quote from Ross. The title has also been changed to more accurately reflect Ross’s words.

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Original Story, 1/6/21:

According to its director, Days Gone has sold at least 9 million copies.

yesterday, game informer Sucker Punch Productions’ 2020 samurai game Ghost of Tsushima has sold more than 8 million copies — a feat, especially for the developer’s new IP, reports say. According to former Days Gone director Jeff Ross, the zombie game in the Pacific Northwest outsold even Ghost of Tsushima, but Ghost of Tsushima’s sales were not well received, and PlayStation dismissed it as a “big disappointment.”

“When I left Sony [December 2020], Days Gone has been out for a year and a half (one month) and has sold over 8 million copies,” Ross wrote in a quoted tweet from Game Informer’s Ghost of Tsushima About its latest sales milestone. “It went on to sell more and then sold over a million on Steam. The management of the local studio is always a huge disappointment to us.”

This sentiment from Ross isn’t necessarily surprising, as others have pointed out Sony and PlayStation’s awkward PR play in the game.as mentioned Benji – Sales, a popular video game sales and business analyst on Twitter, Days Gone was the top-selling PS4-exclusive game on PSN in 2019 back in January 2020, and it’s also on the top 10 best-selling game of the year. It has a place in digital games. Benji-Sales even joked that “Sony doesn’t do PR on the sales success of games, but I’ll keep pointing it out for them.”

Back in April 2021, Ross mentioned that Days Gone wasn’t making enough money to greenlight Bend’s PlayStation sequel, and he shared some details about Days Gone 2.

Ross expressed disappointment that there was no further Days Gone development. Ross may have something to say about his departure from the studio following the release of Days Gone, and he has now revealed that local management (probably local Sony and PlayStation management) considers it a “great disappointment”.

The former Bend executive went further on his original tweet in the reply section, revealing that he is “not sure” if the current Bend developers are not happy with management.In response to someone asking if that was the case, Ross said “As far as I’m concerned, there are years of problems that need to be resolved.” He also revealed that Sony lacks official sales discussions and a possible sequel “It’s never been well explained,” Quoted in another tweet, though, former Sony Interactive Entertainment Global Studios chairman Shawn Layden, who left the company in 2019, is “The Biggest Advocate” of Days Gone and Bend.

Layden even responded to Ross’s tweet last night, which you can see below:

Elsewhere in Ross’ tweet reply, the director of Days Gone revealed that developing Days Gone wasn’t going to be easy.

“Development is a long process, but we are a small team learning how to make our first open world game,” he wrote“All things considered, what we’ve done is fantastic.”

Ross also pointed out Just because Days Gone didn’t have the same reviews as Bend, and Sony and PlayStation might like it, there’s a “kick-ass sequel” potential. He noted that the first Killzone had a 70 on Metacritic, but its “sequel picked up with a 91.” He said Bender was planning to draw attention in the same way in the sequel, citing “you have to crawl before you can walk, and then walk before you can run.”

Ross’ tweet is a fascinating look at how PlayStation sees its IP, or rather, may be the key reception to the game’s success.Considering that Days Gone outsells Ghost of Tsushima, the biggest difference between the two is in the reviews: Days Gone has 71 points metacriticism, review aggregator sites, and Ghost of Tsushima has 83 points. It may remain a mystery as to why Sony and PlayStation considered Ghost of Tsushima a success and Days Gone a “big disappointment.”

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