Update: Dying Light 2 main story lasts about 20 hours

Update, 2:50pm ET, 1/10/21:

Following last weekend’s reveal that it would take 500 hours to do everything in Dying Light 2 Stay Human (less than 100 hours to complete the story, complete all side quests, and explore the map), Techland told game informer The main story of Dying Light 2 can be completed in about 20 hours.

“It can take 80 hours or more to complete all side quests, learn about world history, and interact with all characters, depending on the playstyle,” Techland said. “Dying Light 2 takes place in a complex world full of content, and is built both broadly and vertically.”

By comparison, Techland says that in the original Dying Light, it took about 30 hours to complete the main story and all side quests.

“According to our internal QA testing, it takes about 500 hours to look at everything the game has to offer – finding all the collectibles, listening to every dialogue, getting every Easter egg, completing every possible ending, and visiting every part of the world corner,” Techland said. “We’re fortunate to have a very passionate community of fans who’ve been returning to the original Dying Light for the past seven years, and we know they can’t wait to really lose themselves in our latest creation. .”

For more, Techland says to listen to the final episode of its Dying Light 2 Twitch series, dying 2 know, this Thursday at noon PST / 3 p.m. EST, “You’ll see the co-op experience and gameplay from the previous generation of consoles here.”

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ORIGINAL STORY, 10:13AM EST, 1/10/22:

Techland announced over the weekend that Dying Light 2 Remains would take 500 hours to max out, and the news spread like wildfire.

Some players expressed excitement about such a large amount of content, while others said “500 hours” was a big turning point. Firstly, Techland says it will take 500 hours to ‘completely complete’ the sequel, on the grounds that 500 hours is roughly equivalent to walking from Warsaw, Poland to Madrid, Spain.However, the company expanded on this Soon after Let the player know that it takes far less time to complete the story.

“500 hours is about maximizing the game – complete all missions, endings, and explore every corner of the world, but the average player should finish the story + side quests in less than 100 hours and do a lot of exploration, so don’t worry, ‘ read the second tweet from the official Dying Light 2 Twitter account.

Extrapolating further from the second tweet, it’s clear that most players won’t spend 500 hours to complete the game – in fact, if it takes 100 hours to clear the story, complete all the side quests, and explore the map, then it’s likely that simply doing everything the story does It takes much less time. Basically, if 500 hours is a gate for you, don’t worry – you don’t necessarily need to invest that much time in this game.

Considering that most players don’t actually roll credits through the game, something tells us that the average game time will be much less than 500.

We’ll find out more when we can all play the sequel to Techland’s ambitious 2015 parkour zombie game, which will be released in just a few weeks on February 4th.

While you wait, check out Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s PC requirements, then read our take on Dying Light 2 Stay Human after four hours of hands-on experience.Check out Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s new games section for today game informer after that.

Are you someone who’s going to spend 500 hours in Dying Light 2, or is it closer to a 100 hour figure? Let us know in the comments below!