Update: Free burritos are not the source of Roblox’s continued disruption

renew: Roblox is still unplayable and we still don’t know when it will come back, but we now know that free burritos have nothing to do with offline games.When jokes about burritos killing Roblox were rampant on social media, Roblox Corporation took Twitter Update its community, which is composed of more than 43.2 million daily active users.

Progress is still being made in today’s power outages,” the tweet read. “We will continue to provide you with the latest information. We again apologize for the delay. We understand that this interruption has nothing to do with any particular experience or partnership on the platform. “

This news excludes Chipotle promotions, but leaves the entire Roblox fan base ignorant of the progress of their beloved game. Roblox’s website is also closed, and only provides a static image that says: “We are making things better. Come back soon.”

Considering the length of this interruption, we hope that Roblox Corporation can provide information about the game happening as soon as possible. Players have invested a lot of money in this game-whether it is the world they created or the money they invested in order to play the game. Hope it will come back soon. We rarely see games offline for so long.

ability: Who doesn’t want free burritos from Chipotle? Roblox is currently offering this great opportunity through a limited Halloween themed experience called “Halloween” Chipotle Boorito Labyrinth. Every day from October 8th to 31st, the first 30,000 people who pass the maze to the Chipotle restaurant will win a free (and real) burrito.

We don’t know why Roblox is currently closed, but most players are offline at the same time as this promotion, which leads us to believe that a wave of players may overload the server, or there may be some problems with this new product.

After going offline last night, Roblox is now doing Return to work, Which means that some users have started to restrict access to the game again. We hope it will be back online soon so that we can all see this crazy promotion with our own eyes. It reminds us of Burger King’s stupid Stealth King game sold by chain stores. Roblox players can obviously wear Chipotle-themed costumes and are required to track ingredients in the maze while avoiding monsters.

Did you win your free boo? Let us know in the comments below!