[UPDATE] Hideo Kojima hints at two upcoming games

Hideo Kojima finally released his 2022 plan a week after Famitsu’s New Year ambition feature was released, but this time he clarified some things he might be doing. Kojima said on Twitter on January 1st: “This year, I will seriously start a new job and enter the next stage of experimentation through an aggressive project. I also hope that the video team will continue to move forward. I may start. Do something like a broadcast project?”

Therefore, Hideo appears to be working on four main projects with different levels of development and progress. Two of them seem to be games in his “new works” or at least games-related games, and more “radical projects” developed this year. However, the other two occurred in the video and audio fields, and I can see that the director of “Metal Gear” enjoys the opportunity to work in both fields. Hope this is not the last time we have heard of these plans in the coming months. I can’t wait to see what Kojima’s cooking concepts he considers “radical”.

You can read the tweet below and get a glimpse of some potential new artwork that contains the phrase “From Sapiens to Ludens”, citing the mascot of Kojima Manufacturing.

Original story 12/28/21: According to reports, Hideo Kojima, director of “Death Stranding” and “Metal Gear”, has several new projects in progress. Silicon AgeThe report quoted the New Year interview Faguang.

There is not much mention of the substance of the Kojima project, but he mentioned that he is working on a “big” title and a “new challenge” project. Dividing the second title as “new” may mean a new IP for Kojima Productions, while the other may be something the studio is already familiar with. We will have to wait a while to know if this is the case.

Kojima also emphasized the desire to create media outside the scope of games, which is in line with Kojima Productions’ recently opened new business unit, which focuses on the development of TV and film projects.

Famitsu’s column includes interviews with 127 game developers looking forward to 2022 and their expectations for the coming year. Other industry celebrities you can find here include Fumiko Yasuda from Koei Tecmo Games, Takayuki Nakayama from Capcom, and Kashinori Kitase from Square Enix.