Update: Spiritfarer sold more than 1 million copies, Jackie and Daria are now updated

Update, 12/13/21:

Thunder Lotus revealed that the soul travellers have Over 1 million copies sold, This is an important milestone for indie games, if this is not enough, the latest and final update, Jackie & Daria update, has been released today.

For more details on Jackie & Daria’s update, please check out the original story below.

The original story, 13/12/21:

Spiritfarer is getting the last batch of content from its 2021 roadmap, and developer Thunder Lotus calls it the most important addition to date. Jackie and Daria are two new souls who have joined the battle accompanied by unknown islands and new events.

The free update will be released on December 13, applicable to all versions of the game. The story tells that Stella visits a dilapidated hospital on an unknown island. She meets Jackie, a spirit in the form of a watcher and a hyena, and Daria, a bat and Jackie’s patient. By making friends with these two cute elves, you will help them get the hospital up and running again. As shown in the trailer below, this update adds a new platform-centric event that you can equip your ferry with new upgrades.

As mentioned earlier, the Jackie & Daria update will be the last update of the game. The two previous add-ons introduced two other spirits, Lily and Beverly, and their respective stories. Now that the spirit fairy is over, we are looking forward to seeing what Lei Lian has to do next.

Spiritfarer is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and PC. You can read our review here to find out why it is a gem you can’t ignore.