Upgrading the new Xbox Cloud means improving the look and play of Game Pass games

Xbox’s cloud gaming platform, Game Pass (and Ultimate), continues to provide millions of gamers with a streamlined experience every day. Monthly subscriptions are better than most other cloud services due to the sheer number of out-of-the-box games and the monthly cycle of titles. In addition, Microsoft is taking Game Pass seriously by cataloging the long-awaited future titles on each launch date. Another Xbox cloud update has been released, affecting the visual and technical capabilities of game pass titles.

by Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica, Upgrades seem to be more common with game pass titles that are activated via a web browser or Android app. It’s meant to be played, manipulated, and displayed as if the game was launched on the Xbox Series X console.

“The Xbox version is very appealing thanks to its value proposition. It includes over 260 games as part of a $ 15 / month subscription … but the cloud instance is the” basic “Xbox One. With the return to console specifications, there have been few issues on the server farm side so far. Earlier this month, Xbox executives confirmed that the server fleet would begin upgrading to the Xbox Series X spec. It supports higher frame rates, higher pixel resolutions, faster load times, and advanced rendering capabilities. “

Machkovech also states that the upgrade hasn’t been officially revealed, but games that haven’t been amplified yet or are showing faster load times / better visuals can get that update soon. There is sex. If you’re on the wave of Game Pass, here’s what your subscription will look like next month.

Did you play most games through the Game Pass? Would you like to test the upgrade on PC and Android? Tell us what you found and what you think in the comments below!

[Source: Ars Technica]