US government asks Gary Bowser to 5 years in prison for producing/selling pirated game consoles

Gary Bowser, a former member of the hacker group Team Xecuter, was arrested for selling pirated game console equipment, and he was told the US government wanted him to go to jail for five years. However, Mr. Bowser has pleaded guilty and has accepted a $4.5 million fine and a $10 million fine from Nintendo. Overall, Team Xecuter makes tens of millions of dollars selling and producing modular chips. Although only Gary Bowser has been captured so far. He is personally expected to serve a year and a half in prison, but as always, the final sentence will be handed down by a judge.

The U.S. government stated the following:

Given the “nature and circumstances of the crime, the history and characteristics of the accused, and the need for sentencing to reflect the seriousness of the crime, promote respect for the law, and provide for just punishment…to provide an adequate deterrent to criminal conduct”.

‚ÄúThis case is unlike any other criminal case known to the government. Mr Bowser deserves a higher sentence… Given the size and breath of the Team Xecuter conspiracy, which lasted for years and included multiple types of circumvention devices.

Attorney for Gary Bowsers said:

Gary is “the least guilty and only arrested defendant in this indictment,” so he bears the brunt. The defense team also said that Mr. Bowser made only about $320,000 over seven years, while the rest of the team, who has not yet been arrested, earned more and lived a lavish lifestyle.

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