US NPD: Xbox Series March 2022 First Game Elden Ring’s First Console

Thanks to sales tracker NPD Group, the latest video game charts in the US are finally here. The best-selling hardware in March was the Xbox Series X|S, and the No. 1 game was Elden Ring, which remains the top-selling game in the US in 2022. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was the second best-selling game, excluding digital sales. Kirby and the Forgotten Land did well in retail, coming into third place, but again Nintendo of America didn’t offer digital sales. The best-selling accessory of the month is the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller.

rank last month ranking March 2022 Top 20 games (physical and full game numbers from publishers in the Digital Leaders panel for Nintendo eShop, PlayStation, STEAM and Xbox platforms) ranked by dollar sales Publisher
1 1 Eldon Ring Bandai Namco Entertainment
2 new racing 7 Sony (Company)
3 new Kirby and the Forgotten Land* Nintendo
4 new Major League Baseball: Show 22# Multiple video game makers
5 2 Horizon II: Forbidden West Sony (Company)
6 3 Pokemon Legends: Arceus* Nintendo
7 new WWE 2K22* take two interactions
8 8 Mario Kart 8* Nintendo
9 6 Call of Duty: Vanguard Activision Blizzard (Company)
10 new Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Square Enix Inc. (Company)

March 2022 NPD: The 10 Best-Selling Nintendo Platform Games in the US

Nintendo platform
rank last month ranking Top 10 games for March 2022 (both physical and full game numbers for publishers in the Digital Leadership Group) ranked by dollar sales Publisher
1 new Kirby and the Forgotten Land* Nintendo
2 1 Pokemon Legends: Arceus* Nintendo
3 2 Mario Kart 8* Nintendo
4 new Triangle Strategy* Nintendo
5 3 Mario Party Fest* Nintendo
6 5 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition* Nintendo
7 4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons* Nintendo
8 8 Super Mario 3D World* Nintendo
9 new Rune Factory 5* marvelous entertainment
10 10 New Super Mario Bros* Nintendo
* Excludes digital sales