Usborne’s 1980s children’s programming book series released in free PDF format

Publishing giant Usborne has been in the computer book business for decades, and its work is the entry point for an undisclosed number of coders into the industry. As with all things in a tech-dominated industry, these books are perfect for their era, but the overall aesthetic of these things is nostalgic catnip for people of a certain age. If you’re the kind of person who sits in front of Spectrum and spends half a day scribbling code, the gaudy thrill of Computer Spacegames illustrations will never fade.

wide range, Available for free on its website. It’s rather charmingly suggested that “these programs don’t run on modern computers”, although the books cover more than just coding, and of course if you have a BBC Micro or Commodore 64 in the attic then it’s rock time.