Use Amazon Prime to get these free Battlefield 2042 skins

the member of Top game -One of the benefits of Amazon Prime subscription-You should already be familiar with the cosmetics in the various games released for free every month. good, Battlefield 2042 With the fun added, it looks like it will be an exhaustive content stream.

The first drop, Now available to Prime Gaming members, Is composed of expert Falck’s disaster response character skin, MCS-880’s Sub Zero skin and priority target player card. The package is valid until January 26, 2022.

There are still a few people in line in 2022, which is good news for members.if you Yes Subscribers, all you need to do is to link your EA account to your Twitch account to receive in-game drops.

Speaking of free things, you can get a pair of decorations by logging in to Battlefield 2042. They are all holiday-themed and can be used to customize your player card. These are Santa’s little killer cards and North Pole Assassin tags.

And, if you have a holiday mood, please visit the portal menu of the wizard attack custom mode.

You will also notice that the next weekly task has already started. This time the requirements are more extensive, so they should be easier to complete. Your reward is the Dealmaker skin of PP-29 SMG.