Use open cloud to unleash creator productivity

One of the key priorities of Roblox development is to allow our creator community to freely and securely access their Roblox resources from anywhere, thereby leveraging the power of the open cloud to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency. This technology enables creators to find and build any application they need on Roblox through a standardized Web API, simplifying tasks such as analysis, customer support, testing, and publishing, and even enables them to develop more interesting experiences in their experience Features such as automatically changing the Roblox Group ranking of users based on their experience activities.

Use open cloud APIs to build applications

When building and operating their experiences on Roblox, creators usually generate a lot of resources (such as 3D models, scripts, and user data) that can only be accessed through Roblox’s first-party applications (such as Roblox Studio). However, in many cases, creators need to programmatically access their resources from outside these applications. For example, when processing customer support requests, creators often check and update user profile data, but they must use Studio or build special features in their experience to do so. Both of these solutions are not ideal and will consume unnecessary time that could otherwise have been spent on building cool content. To solve this problem, some creators have developed tools to call Roblox public endpoints and use cookies for authentication, which is not a best practice given the security risks involved.

Open Cloud solves these challenges by providing default secure authorization and authentication methods and standardized Web APIs. Our first step is to support API keys and local release APIs. Just like entering a foreign passport, API keys allow applications to pass authentication to enter Roblox Cloud and take action on behalf of the creator. The Place Publishing API enables creators to automate the experience publishing workflow.For example, it can be hooked to a GitHub operations And automatically push the location file to Roblox Cloud after successful integration test. A standardized API will reduce the learning curve and ensure backward compatibility to reduce the maintenance burden of application developers.

First of all, you can now Creator Dashboard And use the Place Publishing API to write a script to push your latest location files to Roblox Cloud. Security is the top priority, so when creating an API key, you can set fine-grained permissions by selecting experiences, resources, and specific permissions (such as read or write). In addition, you can add a list of IPs that restrict the use of API keys and set a clear expiration date.

Look to the future

In addition to adding more APIs, we also plan to support another industry standard: OAuth2. This will give developers the opportunity to build third-party applications and share them with other members of the community. We are happy to see how our community will use these tools to simplify their workflow and take their business to the next level.

To learn more about using Open Cloud, check out our document Get detailed tutorials.