Use the emulator to watch Metroid Dread running on the PC

Metroid Dread has just been released on Nintendo Switch, and it can already be played from start to finish in two different Switch emulators on PC.this Grapefruit The emulator that displays the game in its original resolution seems to run Metroid Dread smoothly, while some players use Dragon God Emulator, which allows you to increase the resolution and report stuttering. In other words, Emousak Add-ons, which allow you to download colorizers for all games, so you don’t have to cache them at runtime, are usually helpful for this.

Youku anchor Gaminia Capture footage of Metroid Dread running on a PC equipped with 6GB GTX 1060, Intel Core i5-8400 processor and 16GB DDR4 RAM Grapefruit with Dragon God If you want to see the comparison, please use the simulator.