Use the new module to play “Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake” in VR, an early state village VR module

In recent years, Capcom has brought the “Resident Evil” series back to its terrifying roots (ie, “Resident Evil 7” and “Village”), pitting players against weird creatures, and adding the heart-wrenching first-person perspective The benefits of broken. RE 2 and 3 Remakes are third-person experiences, but the high-quality graphics, tight motion control, and the inability to kill Mr. X and Nemesis create the same sense of fear as the latest entry is well-known.The remake wants to be played in VR, and A great mod maker That’s how it is done.

according to Kotaku, Praydog has been developing VR ports for these two Remakes for some time. Because the full dynamic control makes the game’s conventional weapons have physical effects, Modder Praying Dog’s attention to detail is particularly eye-catching. Wielding a knife when rotten zombies fill the screen mimics the adrenaline (and fantastic!) experience of Resident Evil 4 VR. You can even watch all cutscenes in 3D, although this may ruin some scenes in a silly way, because the vanilla version of Remakes has a fixed camera.

The VR function also means that Pray Dog will transform the original game into a first-person perspective, making the remake feel fresh. You can watch some gameplay (below) to see if you have the courage to download this mod.And, if you just want to enter directly, you can find the download at the following location GitHub, In which Prayer Dog announced Resident Evil and Village VR modules are also under development.

The modified Remakes is very good, because the recent “Resident Evil 4 VR” on Oculus Quest is also an impressive display. Our own Blake Hester reviewed the port and concluded:

“RE4VR has completely changed my relationship with a game I know better than most people. If you are a fan of RE4, you can use Oculus Quest 2, and don’t mind having a Facebook account to play Oculus games. It’s ethical and ethical. It’s a problem, so I can’t recommend RE4VR too much. It’s like injecting new vitality into an old and familiar feeling.”

Will you snatch the Remake VR port for yourself? Please tell us your thoughts on the game in the comments!

[Source: Kotaku]