Use these new Splatoon 3 special weapons to fight crab tanks and ink ninjas

Splatoon 3 shined in the Nintendo Direct last week, reiterating its release next year, and spying on the event as mammals return to the world. Nintendo keeps information flowing on Twitter with some new screenshots and detailed information about two new special weapons used in battle.

The first is the Crab Tank, which is an armored walking tank that can increase mobility and defensiveness while spraying ink on the opposing team. This is Nintendo’s description of the new weapon:

This is the crab tank! When driving this multi-legged vehicle, you can use powerful rapid-fire guns and cannons with a wide range of explosions to attack. You can also become a ball and walk faster than a crab.

From powerful weapons to stealth options, check out Zipcaster. This is a special weapon that allows your elf to have a ninja-like appearance and abilities. This is the description of Nintendo’s tweet announcing the project:

This special weapon turns Inkling into a dark warrior named Zipcaster. Using tentacles that stick out and stick to the wall, you can zoom in and cause crazy chaos! In order to hide your identity, when the ink runs out, you will return to the place where you originally changed.

Both of these special weapons are very different from the arsenal in the previous Splatoon entry, and will definitely change any turf wars you bring them into. I hope this is just the tip of Splatoon 3’s new items and weapons to be released on the Switch next year.

Do you have any creative ink delivery equipment? Are there any weapons from the previous Splatoon that you wish to return or keep? Say your thoughts in the comments!