Use this $25 red death ring poster to commemorate Xbox’s most iconic failure

The Red Ring of Death is one of the most notorious fiascos in the video game industry. It’s basically the Xbox 360 version of the blue screen of death-seeing any of them means you are in real trouble.This Xbox support site Describe it plainly: “Three flashing red lights indicate a hardware problem with the Xbox 360 console or its power supply.” But this does not explain the severity of the situation, which is simply catastrophic.

Obviously, now that the entire fiasco is far enough in the rearview mirror, Microsoft can actually turn it into a historical touchstone—almost a precious memory, really—and spend money in the process: you can now Buy a Red Ring of Death “Premium Edition” from Xbox Gear Store 25 dollars.The slightly glossy anti-fingerprint printing is to “commemorate” the release of the six parts Documentary on Xbox console, One of the episodes tells the era of the death of the red ring.