Vacationing in Far Cry 2 is easier said than done


This diary first appeared in PC Gamer Magazine Issue 366 in January 2022. We do it once a month, taking on new challenges and approaching our favorite games from a fresh perspective – letting you know how we all get along.

You emerge from the iron shed into a bright dawn, a blue hour vision full of tension, from shattered darkness and saturated colors to the overlapping of strings. In front of you, a thicket stretches on the reddish horizon into the shimmering desert. But there is a car ahead.

It’s a sports car, but you know it was born in a second-tier factory in the 1980s, its sharp corners are now obsolete, its metaphorical corners have been pared down. The racing stripes are gone under the rusted and rotten exterior. However, you know this car is someone’s pride and joy, the result of many night shifts and dull days. Now it’s a powerful sign of worsening UAC. Misplaced money, exploitative imports, shattered dreams…then a cloud of dust in the distance heralds the end of the reverie for this moment and you have to shoot someone in the face.