Valheim developers tease the Mistlands update with images of mountain biomes

Iron Gate Studio is developing new biome content Wallheim Named Mistlands, the team provided a sneak peek of what to expect.

According to a new blog post, Mistlands is currently being developed by most of the team, and today’s image is just a glimpse of what is about to happen.

Mistlands will focus more on adventure and exploration rather than architecture. Currently, terrain and textures are being tested, as you can see in the trailer. But keep in mind that as development progresses, the situation may change. For the studio, it is too early to say what the implementation of Mistlands means to the existing world, but once they learn more, the team will keep players updated on the situation.

While developing the basic work of the update, other members of the team are working on smaller updates. The biome update takes a long time to develop, so some minor updates will be provided before the arrival of Mistlands.

While waiting in Mistlands, an interesting thing is to make Jack-o-turnips in the game. Although the Vikings do not celebrate Halloween, it is fun to have something to light up your home.

The most recent update, Hearth & Home, was released more than a month ago, and according to the studio, this is an important milestone. Although there may be additional adjustments and minor updates, as well as more bug fixes and balance adjustments, the team is now focusing on Mistlands.

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