Valheim is my new Minecraft

To be honest-I have never set foot in the Nether. Minecraft is a game I will play for several nights at a time to build bases or explore biomes. If I am in a loose state or I have had a particularly stressful day, this is always something I will inspire. I can not play for a few months, but this is a game I always come back to. Or until February, Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim launches Steam Early Access. Strangely, the afterlife of the Vikings is now my stress-free virtual retreat.

One of the best things about Valheim-it doesn’t show up immediately if you haven’t played it-is how forgiving it is. There are cruel biomes that are deadly enemies for unprepared people, but if you don’t want that kind of challenge, you can easily avoid these areas. It’s worth killing the first boss to get a pickaxe and copper and tin as resources, but you can spend all your time building your base and unlocking recipes without going any further.

(Image source: Tiemen Studio)

You will not go hungry in Wallheim. If you don’t eat, the worst-case scenario is that your health and endurance are at the lowest level, but neither will be below a certain point-unless of course you are harmed. You don’t want to lack this kind of mechanics in such survival games. It is even more forgiving than Minecraft’s view of hunger, which is quite cold compared to most survival games.