Valheim tar location, tar farming methods and how to beat growth

Walheim Tar It is a new project in the fireplace and home, used for several new production recipes.

However, obtaining it is more difficult than you think. The tar pits themselves are easy to spot, but they are guarded by a deadly new enemy.

Walheim Tar | Where to find tar pits in Walheim

Tar pits only generate in plains biomes. Like other regions of interest, the location and time of their generation are completely random due to the maps generated by the Valheim program.

However, it is hard to miss when they lay eggs. Tar pits are… well… large pits full of tar, they tend to stand out. New enemies called growth also tend to gather around tar pits, and it is usually easier to get tar by defeating them than by harvesting tar from the pit.

Walheim Tar | How to beat the growth of Walheim

Growth will cause slow debuffs to you, which makes it quite difficult to stay away from them. The best option to deal with them quickly is to use bows and arrows, ideally, arrows.When defeated, growth will drop tar. Although this is convenient, there is another way to get extra tar on the plain.

Walheim Tar | How to get tar in Walheim

Normally, you will collect tar from tar nodes around the tar pit. However, if you carry a pickaxe with you, you can dig a new pit and then dig a channel to connect it to the tar pit. After the tar is discharged into the new pool, you will find much more tar nodes than usual waiting for you to collect them.

Walheim Tar | What is Walheim Tar

Here are the purposes for which you will use tar:

  • Black wooden door
  • Tile roof (two different angles)
  • Tile roof (two different angles)
  • O-shaped corner of tile roof
  • Tile roof i corner
  • Black wood poles (2 meters and 4 meters)
  • Dark wood beams (2 meters and 4 meters)
  • Carved black wood clapboard
  • Black wood arch
  • Crow decoration
  • Wolf ornament
  • Black wooden chair
  • Roundtable
  • Long and heavy table
  • Hot tub

If you are still mastering Valheim or just starting over, we have a large number of production guides to help you make the most of your tar and any other materials you encounter. Please also keep any wood and bones you find during the journey, as you will need them to make a new drawing table.