Valheim’s fireplaces and home updates can now meet all your architectural and culinary needs

Coffee Stain and Iron Gate Studio released stoves and homes, this is the first content update Wallheim.

The new update brings a variety of gameplay rework, system overhaul, item addition, and community-requested functions, which deepen the core gameplay.

This update focuses on enhancing the core base construction and survival mechanism, provides more tools to create the long house of your dreams, and has new recipes for cooking.

With the update, you will find dark wood and stone building parts will be available at the time of release. This includes dark wood beams and poles decorated with Viking decorations, new dark wood roof types and decorations, and even a stone throne for those who wish to sit on a hard board.

At the request of the community, your Lox friends also have some new features, and you can now name your pet. Other highly demanding features have also been added, including map sharing between players, planting additional tree types, and new killer extensions that can destroy items and solve marine pollution.

The new cooking extension includes items such as spice racks, butcher tables, pots and pans. Venison, wolf and wild boar, jerky and skewers, as well as mace milkshakes, onions, onion soup and “eye cream” were also introduced.

The new recipes can also improve health and endurance systems, allowing you to “fine-tune” your diet to suit your play style.

There is also a new crystal battle axe, a bone tower shield, iron buckler and silver knife, which have been added to the armory, and the bow and battle axe have been balanced. Changes in shields and blocking mechanisms will also increase the depth of combat.

Full list of patch notes Can be found here.

The Steam Early Access version of “Walheim” was launched in February this year. It sold more than 7 million copies in less than two months and reached its peak with more than 500,000 concurrent players, becoming the fifth in Steam history. The game to do this.

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