Valheim’s first content update, Hearth & Home, is now live

Wallheim, The Viking Sandbox game became very popular after its launch.Now the developer Iron Gate Studio is ready to release The first content update of the game, Hearth & HomeAs you might have guessed from the title, the update mainly revolves around building a better foundation.But there are other battles, crafting and exploration upgrades hidden in the fireplace and home, which makes it a good time to return. Wallheim For the eager Vikings.

There are new furniture and food for players to divide, such as dark wood building fragments, as well as new stone thrones and hot tubs. There are also crystal walls and shelves to display all your treasures, which is a good touch. Then there are more cooking supplies, drawing tables, Obliterator to destroy unwanted items, and new iron cooking tables for gourmet recipes.

The game also has some general improvements, such as weapon rebalancing, to make each individual weapon feel more unique. There are also 12 new foods and many new weapons.

Hearth & Home is a free update, in the new Wallheim world. Wallheim It is available on Steam and is still in the early access stage, which is very promising considering that the release of the game is very strong and satisfactory, and 7 million copies have been sold.