Valorant Appears on Phone and Mobile Platforms, Riot Announces

As a special surprise ValorantTo celebrate its first anniversary, Riot announced on Wednesday that a new version of the tactical first-person shooter will be available on the mobile platform.

The announcement doesn’t include much game details, but Polygon Valorant Ask Executive Producer Anna Don Ron to talk a little more about the project.

According to Donlon, the move to mobile began with a checklist of questions about what’s important to mobile. Valorant Whether it can be achieved over the phone. Riot will not continue the project if any of the items in the checklist cannot be executed. According to Donlon, the most important thing for the team is the configured version Valorant For mobile players. The idea is that the game is more than just a port. Valorant’s PC version Even on the phone, it’s a mobile experience.

“We didn’t start with” we are making ” Valorant On mobile Valorant On mobile? I’m pretty skeptical, “Don Rong said. “For us, whatever we get from playing on a PC, we should stop playing. Valorant On mobile. However, it should be recognized that the needs of mobile players are different. “

Unfortunately, she hasn’t elaborated on what these differences are yet.However, one of Donlon’s emphasis is on the mobile version. Valorant It does not affect the PC version.

“Just as we don’t provide mobile players with a substandard mobile experience, we don’t compromise on the PC experience,” she said. “We are not trying to convert Valorant PC player Valorant Mobile Player or vice versa. […] We are committed to keeping the PC experience at the same or better quality level and will not compromise to meet the mobile market. ”

Donlon has stated that Riot has no plans to cross-play between the two versions of the game at this time as part of providing each platform with its own best experience.

One thing Riot plans to do is create a console version. ValorantHowever, at this point, it’s only being investigated by the team. Mobile has been put off and found to fit the game more naturally.

“Strangely, I think the move to mobile was a bit easier for us,” says Donlon. “The console is obvious to FPS, isn’t it? […] However, as a tactical shooter, this type of game is not easy on the console. It’s not easy to stay that level of competitiveness in the platform where the controller is fighting you. And we didn’t want it. […] As a result, we found that migrating to mobile was faster and migrating to mobile was easier. “

About when players play Valorant Mobile“I haven’t confirmed the date, but hopefully I’ll be able to see it in the second year,” said Dong Rong.